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Concerns and Complaints

The Association of BC Land Surveyors (Association) is the regulatory body responsible for addressing concerns and investigating complaints against BC land surveyors.

Members of the public are encouraged to contact the land surveyor prior to contacting the Association. However, if the contact with the land surveyor does not resolve the concern or complaint then please contact the Association for further direction.

Concerns and complaints often involve the following:

  • Trespass – concern that a land surveyor is trespassing without authority – land surveyors are permitted access to all lands while engaged in the practice of land surveying – this is authorized under section 59.1 of the Land Surveyors Act. However land surveyors are required to carry proof that they are registered with the Association or show proof that they are employed by a land surveyor registered with the Association. Construction surveyors, technicians or technologists not employed by a land surveyor are not authorized to access lands under the Land Surveyors Act.
  • Communication – land surveyors should communicate effectively with clients and members of the public. Communication between the land surveyor and client is extremely important during a survey project, as surveys are sometimes complex and requirements may change during the course of an assignment. Land Surveyors must also regard as confidential any information obtained as to the affairs of the client; to be disclosed to any others only as directed, or required, for the completion of the client’s work.
  • Boundary determination is both an art and science, and land owners may not understand why a boundary is not where they thought it was. Land surveyors should be aware of possible disagreements in boundary location and should be prepared to discuss the reasons behind their boundary determination.

Filing a Complaint

A brochure which explains the Association’s complaints and discipline process is available at the following link:

Complaints Procedures Public Information Guide

Bylaw 21 is the authority under which complaints are investigated and bylaw 21.3 specifically speaks to the filing of a complaint.  Bylaw 21.6 speaks to the filing of an appeal should a complainant not be satisfied with the result of an investigation and decision by the Complaint Inquiry Committee.

If you have a question about land surveying or are concerned with the manner in which a land surveyor offers services to the public, please contact the Association office. Problems often arise from poor communication or a lack of understanding between the land surveyor and the client. Please contact: Chief Administrative Officer Association of British Columbia Land Surveyors #301 – 2400 Bevan Avenue Sidney, B.C. V8L 1W1 TEL: 250-655-7222 | FAX: 250-655-7223 E-mail: