Survey Rules

Survey and Plan Rules

On July 12th, the ABCLS Board approved Survey and Plan Rules version 1.0 (formerly the GSIR). An implementation date will be confirmed following completion of an update to the Electronic Checklist Registry. A discussion on implementation and approval of a rule change policy for future revisions to the Survey and Plan Rules will also be carried out.

Once a recommendation on an implementation date is available the ABCLS will seek an order from the Surveyor General to bring the new Survey and Plan Rules into force.

Survey and Plan Rules V1.0 – July 4, 2018

General Survey Instruction Rules (GSIR)

The General Survey Instruction Rules Version 3.11 is now available to the membership at the following link. The previous Version 3.10 has been amended by the addition of SR4-15 which deals with an updated definition for a lead plug; and SR1-16 which affects designation of highways within Treaty Lands.

General Survey Instruction Rules V3.11 – July 2016

General Survey Instruction Rule change SR01-18 Building Outside Parent Parcel

General Survey Instruction Rule change SR2-16 Posting Strata Parent Parcel

Survey Rules Committee Policy: This document outlines the process for accepting, reviewing and processing changes to the General Survey Instruction Rules. (This policy was revised September 14, 2015 and is now Version 2.4)

Survey Rule Change Request Template This link is to a MS Word document which will not open in your browsers. Please save the file and then you can use the Word document to create your rule change request.

Survey Rule Exemption Procedure

LTSA Requirements

Members should be aware that the Land Title and Survey Authority periodically issues requirements for surveys and plans under various statutes. These requirements can be found at the following links.

EFS Requirements for Electronic Land Title Plans

Surveyor General Circular Letters

Historical Volumes, Surveyor General Instructions, 1918 – 2015