International Land Surveyors

Land Surveyor in a non-Canadian Jurisdiction

If you are a land surveyor in a non-Canadian jurisdiction, you may qualify as a Land Surveyor in Training in British Columbia and enter into a term of articles under a BC Land Surveyor for not less than 12 months and not more than 32 months. To qualify, you must have:

  • a post-secondary graduation certificate with a degree in geomatics from an educational institution outside of Canada;
  • an internationally accredited standards agency credential evaluation and transcript analysis certificate;
  • proof of good standing in your current international professional land surveying body; and
  • proof of two years experience in cadastral land surveying as a land surveyor.

The term of articles is a training period performing field and office work in British Columbia. During and after the term of articles, Land Surveyors in Training:

  • regularly report their land surveying experience to the Association;
  • complete professional examinations dealing with practical surveying and statutes and regulations affecting the practice of land surveying in British Columbia;
  • submit three project reports; and
  • attend a professional assessment interview before the Board of Management of the Association.

Successful completion of the professional assessment interview is the final step toward receiving a commission as a BC Land Surveyor.

If you are a land surveyor in a non-Canadian jurisdiction with the aforementioned qualifications, experience and other information, you may apply to become a Land Surveyor in Training in British Columbia.

For information on articling, examinations, project reports, and the professional assessment interview, please see the Land Surveyor in Training Handbook.