High School Student or Graduate

To become a Land Surveyor in Training and ultimately a BC Land Surveyor, you must obtain a Certificate of Completion from the Canadian Board of Examiners for Professional Surveyors (CBEPS) or must graduate from the British Columbia Institute of Technology’s Bachelor of Science in Geomatics program with minimum grades in courses specified by the Association of BC Land Surveyors.

The CBEPS Certificate of Completion is proof of academic qualification in land surveying, which may be obtained upon graduation from geomatics degree programs at CBEPS accredited institutions such as the University of Calgary and University of New Brunswick.

Graduates of two-year geomatics diploma programs at recognized technical institutes may also obtain a CBEPS Certificate of Completion following successful completion of CBEPS examinations. Based on courses taken, graduates of these institutes may be exempt from some CBEPS examinations. A list of technical institutes and specific exemptions are identified on the CBEPS website.

Having obtained the necessary academic qualification, you must register with the Association as a Land Surveyor in Training and enter into a term of articles under a BC Land Surveyor for not less than 12 months and not more than 32 months. The term of articles is a training period performing field and office work in British Columbia. During and after the term of articles, Land Surveyors in Training are required to:

  • regularly report their land surveying experience to the Association;
  • complete professional examinations dealing with practical surveying and statutes and regulations affecting the practice of land surveying in British Columbia;
  • submit three project reports; and
  • attend a professional assessment interview before the Board of Management of the Association.

Successful completion of the professional assessment interview is the final step toward receiving a commission as a BC Land Surveyor.