Concerns and Complaints

The Association of BC Land Surveyors (Association) is responsible for addressing concerns and complaints arising from land surveyors interacting with the public and other land surveyors.

Members of the public and other land surveyors are encouraged to and should contact the land surveyor prior to contacting the Association.  If the contact with the land surveyor does not resolve the concern or complaint then please contact the Association for further direction.

Concerns and complaints may consist of some of the following:

  • Trespass – concern that a land surveyor is trespassing without authority – land surveyors should be permitted access to all lands for the purposes of carrying out the practice of land surveying – this is authorized under section 59.1 of the Land Surveyors Act, however land surveyors are required to carry proof that they are registered with the Association or show proof that they are employed by a land surveyor registered with the Association – construction surveyors, technicians or technologists not employed by a land surveyor are not authorized to trespass under this section.
  • Communication – land surveyors should communicate effectively with all clients and members of the public addressing concerns as to client satisfaction and ensuring that all parties are aware of the project contract, what that means and what that entails to achieve the desired results of the survey.  Communication with the client throughout the project is extremely important as land surveying is complex and requirements may change.
  • Boundary determination can be complex and land owners may not understand why a boundary is not where they thought it was.  Land surveyors should be aware of possible disagreements in boundary location and should be prepared to discuss the reasons behind the boundary solution that they may have determined and/or posted recently.

Filing a Complaint

There is a Complaints Procedures brochure available that explains the process for filing a complaint.  This brochure can be reviewed at the following Link:

Bylaw 16 is the authority under which all complaints are investigated and bylaw 16.3 specifically speaks to the filing of a complaint.  Bylaw 16.6 speaks to the filing of an appeal should the complainant not be satisfied with the result of the investigation and ruling by the Complaint Inquiry Committee.



Sections 60 to 69 of the Land Surveyors Act explain the disciplinary powers of the Board of Management (Board).  Following are the cases dealt with over the prior ten year period through disciplinary hearings. Inquiries about decisions prior to this period should be directed in writing to the Secretary of the Association.