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Land Surveyors in Training

Guidelines for marking the Field Project (pdf, 176K)

The field project shall be completed in its entirety by the candidate under the supervision of a British Columbia Land Surveyor.

The field project shall be primarily a legal survey involving the re-establishment of boundaries.

The field project must cover all aspects of the job or assignment, from client contact, through field work and calculations to final plan disposition.

arrow Index 3
arrow Work order or proposal acceptance 2
arrow Description of the project in narrative form which should also include 30
– a description of any evidentiary problems, including rationale used in dealing
– with problems
– a description of any conflicts with previous plan measurements, etc., encountered
– details and source of research information
arrow Time and materials estimate 3
arrow Copies of correspondence, plans, field notes and other back-up material 10
arrow Closing submission and sample account 2
Sub-Total 50
arrow Appropriate plans or other graphics which need not be hand drawn by the candidate and need not be originals 15
arrow Project field notes 15
arrow Calculations including all possible closures on plan 15
arrow Plan checklist (see checklist with the Surveyor General’s circular letter #398) 5
Sub-Total 50
Total Marks 100