Professional Examinations Information

Land Surveyors in Training:

Field Project 

The intent of the field project is to ensure the candidate is given the opportunity to complete a variety of surveys and plans under different statutes. Candidates are required to complete a total of 3 field projects based on the criteria as outlined below.

The Candidate shall have the flexibility to select projects that represent surveys commonly performed in their area.  Pre-approval of the projects by the Association is not required.  If the candidate is unsure if the project selected is not suitable they may contact the Association for review.

Each of the 3 field projects will focus on specific aspects of land surveying. Field Project #1 will concentrate on field measurement and practice, Field Project #2 will showcase evidence evaluation and boundary resolution, and Field Project #3 will focus on client contact/involvement, approvals and project management.

Each of the 3 field projects must be submitted individually and will be marked individually.  Field Projects may be submitted at any time during the articling term, and Candidates are encouraged to begin working on possible field projects early in their articling term.

All work is to be performed under the supervision of a practising BCLS.  In most cases the field projects will be carried out as part of the Candidate’s regular employment duties. However, if no suitable projects are available, the Candidate may arrange for a suitable project under the supervision of another practising BCLS.

Candidates may submit their projects electronically, however any plans being submitted must be submitted in hardcopy.

Field Project Guidelines and Marking Criteria- Version 1.3