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Land Surveyors in Training:

Practical Surveying (pdf)

The Practical Surveying category consists of two examinations, each being three hours in duration.  Each exam will be marked independently and will require 70% in each exam for successful completion.

The Part One exam is open book.  The Part Two exam is closed book.

Part 1 – is subjective in nature and consists of principles of evidence, problem solving, instrument calibration, field and office practices, risk management, exercising professional judgment, general surveying computations and spatial positioning.

Part 2 – partially consists of problem solving covering the practical aspects of cadastral surveying specific to British Columbia, which are encountered in a day-to-day BC land surveying practice. These may include, but are not limited to, legal precedent/case law pertinent to BC and the varied survey systems.  The exam will also include questions on the structure of the profession – the Association; its bylaws and policies.

Study Resources may include but are not limited to:

Note: additional information can be found on the web and in most survey related text books, and by discussing relevant topics with various land surveyors.

The Association website is found at