Court Decisions

ABCLS Court Decision Casebook

The purpose of this casebook database is to provide a convenient reference source, for land surveyors and students, wishing to research and review the decisions of British Columbia high courts in matters relating to the practice of land surveying in the province. For more information on this casebook database, please review the introduction to the casebook database.


Extracts of Interest to BC Land Surveyors From BC Law Reports Determined in the Supreme and County Courts of BC

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Court Summaries:  Canada, Australia, and South Africa

BCCA 446 Hegel v. British Columbia (Forests) CA037270

Case Law referenced in the seminar at the 2008 AGM:
Herbst vs Seaboyer 1994
Collingham vs Algonquin 2006
Okanagan Radio vs Kamloops Land Title District 1996