Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The Association of BC Land Surveyors holds an annual meeting (AGM) of the general membership in the spring.

114th AGM and CPD Days

Online Registration will be open in Fall 2018 for the 2019 AGM and CPD Days!

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Registration process tips:
Please read everything carefully! The registration site includes links to documents that include descriptions of all CPD seminars, social events and partner events being offered.

The registration process flows in this way: the Primary Registrant registers first for all events followed by a section where you can add partner/spouse/guests.

Please pay attention to the times events are offered – where there are 2 events happening at the same time, the system will not allow you to register for both. If you are not attending an event, you are required to indicate this.

Upon arrival at the AGM and CPD Days venue, you will receive a lanyard and name badge.

Please have available your email confirmation listing all events you have registered for. It would be helpful for you to have this confirmation handy, in either a printed or electronic format, for your reference during the events.

If you have any questions, please call Bev Renny at the Association office (250-655-7222) or email

2019 AGM Social Programs and CPD Seminars


Sponsorship Opportunity

You are invited to consider making a contribution to the 2019 AGM. A sponsorship form is available at this link – all you have to do is complete it and forward it to the ABCLS office either by email or by fax 250-655-7223 or simply call 250-655-7222 and we’ll do the rest!

Report of Proceedings

The Report of Proceedings for ABCLS Annual General meetings are available – click on the year to link to the PDF file:


AGM Documents
2018 AGM Agenda
2018 Notice of Motions
2018 Association Budget
2017 Financial Statements
2017 Committee Reports

Seminar Handouts

2018 AGM

The Future of Surveying – Presented by Bill Hazelton
Natural Boundaries  – Presented by Dr. Brian Ballantyne, Surveyor General Branch of NRCan
The Story of a Virtual Company – Presented by Jeremy Park or watch the YouTube here
Building and Selling a Business – Presented by Jay Wronko, Mike Waberski, Adam Brash, and Neil Bennett
Drones – Presented by Bill Hazelton

2017 AGM

Keynote Summary – Presented by Bruce Kirkby, Author/Photographer
Boundary Law – An Update – Presented by Izaak de Rijcke ,  LL.M., O.L.S.
Assorted Topics of Interest to Land Surveyors – Presented by Surveyor General Division & Practice Advisory Department
Certificate of Title – Presented by Valerie Cole, Deputy Registrar, LTSA and Rajiv Gandhi of Cox, Taylor – Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries